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Your opinion matters!


Share your review on Motul products.

Share your review on Motul products.

Because your inputs are valuable to us and are likely to be of interest to other users, you can now leave a comment on the Motul product pages.
How do I do this? This way please!

Why leave a comment on

First of all because it allows you to express yourself and send us your comments about a particular product.

Then, because your comment is likely to help other consumers looking for information on certain products that you may already have in your possession.

Last, because your opinion counts and we are always keen to improve the quality of our product and services to make sure they satisfy your needs.

How do I leave a comment on

To begin, click on the product category for which you would like to share your reviews.

> 300V Auto
> 300V Moto
> Lubrifiant moteur Auto
> Lubrifiant moteur 2 roues
> Maintenance & entretien auto
> Maintenance & entretien 2 roues
> Additifs
> Liquides de frein
> Liquides de refroidissement
> Liquides de transmission

Once you have identified the product(s), click on the thumbnail to access the product sheet.

Your opinion matters!

When the product page appears, simply click on "Write a review" to share your opinion and comments.

Your opinion matters!

On this interface you will be able to share your opinion on several aspects:

> The overall score, rated out of 5 (1 being the lowest score and 5 the highest).
> Your review: it's time to share with other users your thoughts on the product.
> Would you recommend it to a friend or relative?
> Some information about you and your purchasing habits concerning Motul products.

Your opinion matters!

Finally, click on "Post review" and that's it!

Your opinion matters!

If your review complies with the terms and conditions, it will be validated and appear on the product page within a few hours.

Here are our tips for an efficient and useful review:

- Be concise: a comment of 80 to 500 words is more likely to be read by many people.

- Focus on the content. Describe, argue, be convincing!

- You became an expert on how to use it? Don't hesitate to share your tips and tricks!

- Point out particularly interesting benefits.

- Under no circumstances should your review mention information about your private life or that of others.

- Do not be insulting towards a product or an author, and do not use words that could be considered defamatory.

- Remain polite and courteous, for a perfect collective cohesion on the site.


Now it's up to you!