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Motul is broadening its product portfolio in the automotive sector by launching its new Car Care series. The unique cleaning and accessory products were developed based on Motul’s many years of experience and in-depth expertise and provide effective and lasting care for the vehicle interior and exterior. The new Car Care product series comprises eleven different care and cleaning products as well as six accessories and will be available at specific retail partners from now on.

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The care range not only features cleaning products, it also includes dedicated accessories such as microfiber cloths, sponges for bodywork, rim brushes, and wash mitts – for a gentle and thorough cleaning. Motul has also developed products for interim car repairs such as a tire puncture spray and a scratch remover.


The Motul Car Care range makes it easy to clean your car thoroughly. A wide variety to meet all needs.


The goal of Motul Car Care products is to maintain and protect the inside and outside of your car in order to maintain its value.


From cleaning to scratch removal, the Motul Car Care range offers all common types of specific products a car needs to keep the new car look.

The car shampoo effectively removes all types of dirt (road debris, grease and dust) and a water-repellent protective film accelerates the drying process.

Express Gloss effectively removes all types of dirt (road, tar and other debris). A dry, glossy film protects against dust, insects and other buildup.

The insect remover efficiently dissolves sticky insect residues, bird droppings or other organic substances and can be used anywhere and without water.

Wheel cleaner removes all types of dirt (oil, grease, brake dust) and at the same time protects paint and varnish and can be used for all types of rims (aluminum, steel, etc.).


Plastic clean removes dust while at the same time freshening up and brightening the plastic surfaces. Dries without leaving marks and creates a shiny protective film with a pleasant scent.

Leather clean cleans and revitalizes all types of leather and protects against external wear and tear. Offers long-lasting protection against water and UV radiation and at the same time prevents discoloration or drying out.

The upholstery clean ensures intensive cleaning / refreshment of all textiles. Removes all types of dirt and stains and leaves a pleasant scent.

Odor neutralizer neutralizes and removes all types of odors (tobacco, animals, food, etc.).


Jumbo sponge enables the car body to be cleaned gently without leaving any marks. Removes dirt without damaging sensitive surfaces.

Washing glove enables the body to be washed and cleaned without leaving any traces. No risk of microscratches.

Wheel brush for a thorough and perfect finish without the risk of scratches. Can be used on all types of car rims and hubcaps.

Car Body Microfiber is a double-sided microfiber cloth. For optimal cleaning of stubborn dirt and perfect polishing without the risk of micro-scratches.

Glass Microfiber helps to streak-free cleaning of car windows. Absorbs grease residues and removes stains without leaving microscopic scratches.

Plastics Microfiber makes it easier to clean all surfaces in the interior. Absorbs dust and grease residues and removes stains without leaving microscopic scratches.