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Grinding, Machining
Product Type
Metalworking Fluids
Product Range
Industrial Products
Drum 208L
Article number

BIOCOOL 3130 is a soluble concentrate specifically designed for metal working operations which require advanced deaeration properties. A specialised additive treatment ensures optimum conditions in all grinding operations: Plane, cylindrical, internal and external.

Operations: All kinds of grinding operations and machining operations requiring a strong cooling power

BIOCOOL 3130 is recommended for the grinding of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


- Excellent lubrication and cooling properties
- Reduced consumption
- Good release of tramp oils
- Excellent sludge decantation
- Very good protection against corrosion
- Optimum bio-stability
- Maximum reduction of foaming
- Operator friendly
- Cleanliness of working environment

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