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Motul Roads: Berlin to Bol d'Or


Make it your 24 hours!

24 hours endurance racing. Not your thing? Never say never! 

As a young boy were bedazzled by the racers at Spa, Le Castellet and Le Mans. Time and time again we were asking ourselves: “How can these people physically endure this non-stop racing?” The riders, the mechanics, the spectators… They all seemed to have superhuman powers.

It wasn’t until the day that we started with endurance races ourselves that we got acquainted with 'the drive'. As eager bike travellers we soon discovered – while doing too many kilometers a day - a similar kind of energy. After many kilometers – too many - we often found ourselves in the ‘zone’, a mental state close to zen. A state of mind that could keep us going.   

Eager to live the ‘the zone’ experience again, we set out a route to the Bol d’Or race that can be covered in 24 hours. Starting point? Berlin. 

More or Less 1750 km. Quite a stretch from Berlin to Le Castellet, using the scenic roads. That makes an average of 73km/h in 24 hours. Feasible, we thought, so off we went.

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Make it your 24 hours!

On the Road to Bol d'Or...

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