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MOTUL ATF 236.15

Transmission fluids
100% Synthetic, Synthese-Technology
Product Range
Car, Commercial Vehicles
OEM Approvals
MERCEDES-BENZ MB-Approval 236.15
OEM Performances
MERCEDES-BENZ A 001 989 45 03, MERCEDES-BENZ A 001 989 68 03, MERCEDES-BENZ A 001 989 77 03, MERCEDES-BENZ A 001 989 78 03, MERCEDES-BENZ MB 236.14
1L can, 20L jerrycan, 60L drum
Article number
106954; 106743

High performance 100% Synthetic Fuel Economy lubricant specially engineered for Mercedes passenger cars, SUV’s and light duty utility vehicles automatic transmissions for which MB-Approval 236.15 specification is required.
Especially recommended for use in all Mercedes vehicles fitted with the 7 speed automatic transmissions (since 2010) and “7G-Tronic” models, where MB 236.15 specification is required.
Before use always refer to the owner manual of the vehicle.

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