Motul takes on the Dakar in more depth than ever before: Dakar Rally 2018



Motul takes on the Dakar in more depth than ever before: Dakar Rally 2018

A partnership which goes deeper…

Motul is preparing to once again take on the legendary Dakar Rally, but in 2018 it will be in more depth, and going deeper into South America and the heart of the rally than ever before.  

The company’s increased involvement from 2018 sees it become a major partner with the organisers of the Dakar, A.S.O, and follows on from its commitments to endurance racing classics such as the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy, the Roof of Africa in Lesotho and the Carrera Panamericana in Mexico.  

Not only will Motul support its technical partners in this toughest of challenges – one of the most gruelling known to man and machine – through provision of high performing and proven products, and access to on-site technical experts, but it will also be supporting the human spirit of the event. 

Breaking new ground and demonstrating its pioneering spirit, in 2018 Motul will have a “Mobile Lab” available at every bivouac for all competitors, including use of its oil analyzer machine.  Motul is the first to offer this high technology service on the Dakar, and two technical experts will be on hand throughout the event to analyze results and make recommendations to teams. 

…Into South America

Beginning in Peru on 6th January 2018, the route will continue over 14 days and 9000 km (including 4500 of special stages) to Bolivia and on to Argentina. On the way, the Dakar’s 515 competitors will face extreme temperatures, be taken to the limit of human and mechanic endurance, and need 100% reliability to get to the finish.  There is no room for any mechanical weakness.  

The bikes will use Motul’s 300V Factory Line off-road 5W40 oil, and the cars will benefit from Motul’s 300V Motorsport Line Power 5W40 or Competition 15W50 – all products specially developed and successfully proven for such conditions offering high performance and maximum protection.

…And into the human spirit of the Dakar

The organisers call the Dakar “the mother of all rally-raids” and the competition will be fierce and relentless, especially for those brave – maybe even a little bit crazy - competitors who enter the formerly called Malle Moto category, becoming in 2018 the Original by Motul.

This is the category in which the riders receive absolutely no help, and have to look after the mechanical upkeep of their own bike, and fix any mechanical problems by themselves. They constantly fight against lack of preparation, lack of sleep, lack of maintenance and hope that none of these forces them out of the rally.  Motul will be assisting these riders with an upgraded area in the bivouacs, somewhere to sleep, somewhere to work, products for their bikes and other basic personal comforts.  

These adventurers personify the spirit of the Dakar and Original by Motul will put a spotlight on these incredible human beings who hark back to the grass roots of the event. 


Motul takes on the Dakar in more depth than ever before: Dakar Rally 2018

…and makes a deeper connection with fans

In 2018 Motul will tell the story of the bravest, most ingenious and most brotherly competitors (all categories) by broadcasting a video of their epic story from the Dakar. This fully reflects the human values that Motul shares with the Dakar and its competitors, and will create a new level of interaction for the fans to become involved with the event.  

Fans around the world on social media will soon be speaking of Epic Story by Motul, entrenching the name of the Dakar’s new major partner in the minds of the 2.340 million who follow this epic event on social media!  Videos of the Epic Story will be shared on Dakar’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, and fans will be able to vote for their favorite via these platforms

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