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Motul and Monlau Motorsport join forces to promote competition training for young people


The prestigious teaching centre dedicated to the training of motorsport mechanics and engineers will now be called Monlau Motul Technical School

The lubrication product company is consolidating its involvement in the sector by contributing all of its know-how and playing an active part in the training of students at the Monlau School. This alliance reinforces both companies’ commitment to the world of competition as a basis for the training and education of future mechanics and engineers.

The prestigious teaching centre dedicated to the training of motorsport mechanics and engineers will now be called Monlau Motul Technical School

Motul, a company specialising in the creation of lubrication products for automotive sector and industry, has signed a collaboration agreement with Monlau, an internationally renowned school specialising in competition training, to promote automotive training for young people. The collaboration offers an ideal opportunity to provide support from the grassroots to the top-level competition. Moreover, the partnership of the two companies strengthens their commitment to both training and competition, enabling them to share and draw upon the knowledge gained through their extensive experience.

Under this agreement, the lubricant manufacturer will not only contribute to the students’ training with a view to promoting talent, but also help the competition teams by supplying them with material. The collaboration also includes a scholarship programme designed to incentivise the creation of jobs for young people and promote talent in the field of motorsport. As a result of the agreement, the study centre will now be called the Monlau Motul Technical School.

Motul has competition in its DNA, as demonstrated by the 300-plus victories that gave their name to 300V, one of the company’s most renowned lubricants (and the product that has, nowadays, made the company an international benchmark in the world of motorsport). The passion and emotion of racing circuits offers a testing ground that enables the company to meet even the most demanding of requirements. In this respect, Monlau Motorsport will help Motul to develop and improve its products by acting as the “Motul Laboratory”, putting all of the company’s lubrication products to the test.

Motul and Monlau Motorsport join forces to promote competition training for young people

Monlau is the example of the training of mechanics and engineers in the area of competition. As such, Motul is the ideal partner for Monlau, as they share values such as the passion for competition and the commitment to training.

According to Sandra Iniesta, Marketing Director at Motul Ibérica: “At Motul we are very excited about joining forces with a school of the calibre of Monlau, which will allow us to work more closely with young talents. We both agree that excellence is achieved by working from the ground up, which is the reason why we want to increase our commitment to training in order to help the engineers and mechanics of the future to reach their maximum potential in the world of competition. Additionally, this collaboration will give Motul the opportunity to develop and improve our range of products both on and off the circuit”. 

As Jaime Serrano, Managing Director at Monlau Motul Technical School says: “Motul is the ideal partner for us, as we share values such as a passion for competition and a commitment to training. We are privileged to announce this new alliance, which will enable us to continue to support the competition mechanics, engineers and drivers of the future as they strive to achieve excellence. Motul is a company with a tremendous amount of prestige within the sector, and their extensive motorsport experience and history will undoubtedly offer us new opportunities to continue developing our 360° method, which combines theoretical and practical classes in our facilities at the centre with hands-on practice at the circuit”.

Motul and Monlau Motorsport join forces to promote competition training for young people

A strong commitment to training and competition

Motul has supported motorsport for over 165 years through its sponsorship of a number of different disciplines. During this time, the Motul has consolidated its status as a benchmark for the development of lubrication product for top-level competition, as well as a supporter of promising young talent.

For Motul, the world of competition serves as its technological laboratory, allowing the company to test all of its products under the most extreme conditions. Through its investments in R&D, Motul obtains the best solutions in lubrication and boasts a range of outstanding products for those who use vehicles for leisure and those who use them for daily transportation. Motul puts all of the knowledge it gains from competition into its products for professional and everyday use, so that it is able to meet all of the market’s needs with regard to lubrication as well as offering a range of products for the maintenance and care of all the vehicles.

The Monlau Group was co-founded in 1982 by Pio Ventura, the father of Iban Ventura, its current General Director. The school has over 2,500 students, divided into four main training areas: Monlau Formación Profesional (professional training); Monlau ESO y Bachillerato (secondary-level and baccalaureate); Monlau Corporate; and Monlau Motul Technical School.

Monlau Motul Technical School is a reference centre that offers specialist motorsport training for mechanics and engineers. With 25 years of experience, the centre currently welcomes more than 460 students per year. Its main aim is to offer students who are passionate about motorsport the opportunity to become expert mechanics and engineers, through specialist training and by sharing values such as effort and sacrifice. This 360º approach training is complemented by the school’s involvement in the world of competition under the name of Monlau Motorsport, which offers students an opportunity to combine theory with practice by taking part in different competitions across various disciplines. The school offers a wide range of training-related products, such as services for the automotive sector, driving courses, and talent management. Its main aim is to provide training for the three key roles in the world of competition: drivers, mechanics and engineers.