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Regarded by its greatest fans as a way of life, the spirit of biking can be experienced in different ways.

On the racing circuit, the sport allows no room for improvisation, performance depends on the optimum functioning of the machine. There may only be a few tenths of a second in it, so it’s important not to neglect any single adjustment or mechanical component. Amongst these aspects, braking, aerodynamics and the transfer of power from the engine to the road are particularly important, they can make a real difference once on the track. So, it is essential to pay special attention to all of them.

Motul recommends regular use of the following products to maximise your machine’s performance:

BRAKE CLEAN – P2: extra-powerful degreasing agent for brake discs and drums, clutches and spark plugs. This product’s exclusive formula has been specially developed to effectively remove oil, grease, brake fluid, tar and dust.

CHAIN CLEAN – C1: perfect for cleaning all types of motorcycle chains, it removes all ingrained deposits: sand, soil, oil, grease etc.

CHAIN LUBE FACTORY LINE – C4: a lubricant specially developed for greasing competition bike chains: for speed and endurance. Thanks to its formula based on solid additives, this product limits roll resistance and can add up to 1 extra horsepower.

SHINE & GO SPRAY – E10: cleans and shines motorbike fairings and protects them by leaving a non-sticky long-lasting protective film.

The MC Care range® comprises numerous products to meet all your maintenance needs. They are classified according to their intended use:

P – Maintenance of mechanical Parts
A – Maintenance of Air filter
E – External care
M – Products for Motorbike riders and their equipment
C – Maintenance of the Chain

You will find all the MC Care® products at your local Motul distributor.