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Motul is set to enter a new 360 degree partnership with the innovative and ambitious American auto manufacturer, Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus, which will include its exciting new Hypercar project in endurance racing plus technical involvement and development in the manufacturer’s road and off-road, racing and road-legal models.

Glickenhaus Racing has a comprehensive range of racing activities planned for 2021 which includes two Glickenhaus 007 LMH cars in Season 9 of the FIA World Endurance Championship, the ultra-challenging 24H Nürburgring in June – at which a Glickenhaus SCG003C took pole in 2017 - and the Baja 1000 in California in November where the marque is aiming for three victories in three years!  The WEC, the premier championship of endurance racing, features the jewel in the crown of the discipline, the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and Motul is, of course, Official Lubricant Partner to both the FIA WEC and the 24 Hours of Le Mans.  Glickenhaus was the first manufacturer to signal its intent to enter the new top category of competition, Hypercar, when the new regulations were announced by the ACO. 

From first fill to first thrill

Motul’s own flagbearer for excellence in competition, the 300V Motorsport Line, will be used for the FIA WEC. All the products within Motul’s leading range have successfully proven their reliability, performance and quality engineering, and Motul’s experts are currently working alongside the engine developers to ensure that the top roster of drivers lined up for 2021 will be able to get the maximum performance from the car when it hits the track.

In addition, Motul will provide a range of high-performance fluids to Glickenhaus for first fill of all its models. In turn, Glickenhaus will recommend Motul to all owners of its high performance sports SCG 004S models and SCG Boot off-road cars for future fills, with the latter cars benefitting from Motul’s hugely successful experience at Dakar and similar rally-raid events.

Nicolas Zaugg, Chief Value Officer Motul: “Being Official Lubricant Partner to the FIA WEC and 24 Hours of Le Mans, plus recommended exclusive lubricant by Gibson for all the V8 engines used in the LMP2 category proves beyond doubt Motul’s devotion to endurance racing. However, involvement in the new Hypercar category was missing from our portfolio and this has now been fulfilled with our partnership with Glickenhaus. We are excited be part of such a great technical challenge as well as the human adventure represented by a team like Glickenhaus entering the new Hypercar category. Our best experts are working closely with Glickenhaus staff on finalizing the car and it is crucial for us that the experience we will gain together will benefit not only future Glickenhaus racing models but also their street legal road and off-road cars. We can’t wait to see the two Glickenhaus 007 LMH cars racing in this year’s WEC season!”

James Glickenhaus, President Glickenhaus Racing: "I am so excited to enter into a long term collaboration with Motul to provide our road legal and race vehicles with fantastic Motul lubricants. I'm especially happy that their technical experts will be working with our engineers to customise their lubricants where necessary, to our vehicles as they drive and race from the Baja to The Nurburgring, to the WEC, to Le Mans and onto Paris to Dakar. Three of our collection cars, our Ford MK-IV, our Ferrari P 3/4 and our Ferrari 412P raced against each other at Le Mans in 1967 and I remember Motul's sponsorship of that race fondly. It's a dream come true to be racing a car with our name on it in the top class at Le Mans under Motul's sponsorship." 



Motul is a world-class French company specialised in the formulation, production and distribution of high-tech engine lubricants (two-wheelers, cars and other vehicles) as well as lubricants for industry via its MotulTech activity.

Unanimously recognised for more than 165 years for the quality of its products, innovation capacity and involvement in the field of competition, Motul is also recognised as the specialist in synthetic lubricants. As early as 1971, Motul was the first lubricant manufacturer to pioneer the formulation of a 100% synthetic lubricant for automotive engines, the 300V lubricant, making use of Esters technology and issued from the aeronautical industry.

Throughout the years, Motul has gained experience as an official supplier to many racing teams and manufacturers and contributes with them to further technological development in motorsports.

Motul is supporting those teams in international competitions such as: 24 Hours of Le Mans (cars and motorcycles), FIA World Endurance Championship, Super GT, IRC, Drift, Pikes Peak, Japanese championship Super Formula, GT World Challenge Series, MotoGP, World Superbike, World MX, FIM Endurance World Championship, Supercross, IOM TT, Motul FIM Ice Speedway Gladiators World Championship, Rallycross, F1 Boat and scores of others.


When Jim Glickenhaus was a boy, he biked 12 miles in the rain to see the latest sports cars. He dreamed of racing at Le Mans.

Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus (SCG) began collecting exotic cars nearly 50 years ago. Cars are meant to be driven. We modified race cars to make them better to drive. We have driven a Ferrari P3/4 in the rain, a Ford Mark IV in the snow, and a Lola CAN-AM down the West Side Highway in New York City. After the Lola needed a service, Jim decided to hotrod from its CAN-AM state back to its original T-70, although with some upgrades including automatic gullwing doors. This became SCG 001. We spent decades driving and improving cars as collectors.

Then in 2005 Andrea Pininfarina came to Jim with a question, "If you could build any car, what would it be?" This started the process of creating Ferrari P4/5 by Pininfaria that changed our path from collectors to manufacturers.

After creating P4/5, we wanted to make a version to go racing. In 2009 we told Peter Geishecker we were going to build and race a car at the 24 Hours of Nurburgring: 18 months later we unveiled and raced the 24 hours of Nurburgring with P 4/5 Competizione. This became SCG 002.

After two years of racing, a First in Class at the 24 Hours of Nurburgring and an FIA World Championship Cup for Alternative Energies we decided instead of modifying cars to make them our own, it would be easier if we took everything we learned and designed our own car from scratch. In 2013 we told the world we were designing a road/race car from the ground up: 18 months later our factory and a customer’s SCG 003C raced the 24 Hours of Nurburgring and our factory car took First in Class. This became SCG 003C.

We started as kids with our nose pressed to the glass looking in, wanting to know how those incredible cars were created. Today we are the ones making those incredible cars.

We live by the warmth of Mr. Chinetti letting Jim come in from the rain and giving Jim a jacket for his bike ride home. We live by the warmth of Andrea Pininfarina and his family, opening their home to us as we worked together to create Ferrari P4/5 by Pininfarina.

We share everything we are doing with our fans on social media. We respond to questions and posts. We will spend hours answering everyone’s questions regardless of whether that person is a customer, a journalist, or a wide-eyed 12-year-old kid.