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Motul Off-Road

With lubricants developed to withstand the rigors of racing in the legendary Dakar rally and MXGP series, Motul has the products your trail, enduro, or motocross bike needs to maintain critical components like the engine, gearbox, chain, and plastics.

Why Sherco Trusts Motul Under the extreme conditions at Dakar, you need lubricants you can rely on.

Why choose Motul for your engine?

Each of the 710, 7100, 800, and 300V engine oils use 100% synthetic Ester materials that provide the optimal combination of performance, stability, and anti-wear properties for those who never choose the easy road.

Protect your bike from the elements!

Use Motul's Chain Clean to remove dirt and debris, then apply the Chain Lube Off-Road that is specifically designed to protect under race conditions without collecting contaminants. Apply Motul's Shine & Go to your plastics before each event to allow mud and dirt to simply fall off with a quick spray of Moto Wash and water before you load the bike back on the trailer. 

Which products are best for my bike?

Our 710 2-stroke and 7100 4-stroke 100% synthetic products are perfect for the casual rider who simply wants the best for their bike. The legendary Motul 800 2-stroke and 300V 4-stroke racing products have been used across the globe by race teams and series to provide the ultimate level of performance. For more details check our Motul Oil Selector to find the right viscosity for your application.