Motul Lab

Each of the two French laboratories of the Group is devoted to its industrial or car specialisation but shares the same missions:

* Development of new lubricants meeting the latest international specifications
* Innovation in car and motorcycle racing by developing specific products in partnership with OEMs
* Innovation in industrial fields
* Quality control of raw materials and manufactured products

The expertise of Motul's laboratories guarantees that the products meet professionals' expectations and offer the best level of performance.

The laboratories have the most recent technology equipment, so the formulations produced at the plant are fully conforming.

* Kinematic and dynamic viscometers (CCS, MRV, Ravenfield)
* Titrators
* Spectrometers (ICP, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy)
* Equipment determining cold properties
* Equipment determining volatility
* Surface property tests (foaming, deaeration…)
* Oxidation and corrosion resistance tests
* Mechanical tests (4-balls, Reichert ...)

All the tests and analyses performed at the laboratories meet the latest national and international standards (AFNOR, ISO, ASTM, CEC…). With their permanent concern for quality, Motul laboratories also participate in inter-laboratory circular tests.

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