Motul Corazón, supporting actions in favor of youths

In December 2011, Motul launched  Motul Corazón, a foundation under the aegis of the Fondation de France.  Motul Corazón’s guiding purpose is to support actions in favor of youths anywhere in the world that are underprivileged or experiencing difficulties. The actions of the Foundation are not limited geographically. Projects may be supported in any country as long as the correct allowance and utilization of the funds can be guaranteed. The Motul Corazón Foundation is not to organize actions itself but to support actions of existing organizations or associations.

The idea of setting up recurrent actions in favor of youths was born in Latin America, long before the creation of a foundation. The name of the Foundation is thus a tribute to this genesis. « Corazón », meaning “heart” in Spanish has been chosen to represent love towards youths. The Heart is an international symbol, understandable by all, and especially by youths.

Motul Corazón is the result of the Group’s commitment towards Humanity. Although the idea of the foundation was born in Latin America, its scope remains global.

Visit the Foundation website for further information. 

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