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Motul Automotive formulates, produces and sells lubricants for all types of vehicle engines in more than 100 countries. The Motul® brand covers top-of-the-range lubricants for the engines of light vehicles: cars, motorcycles, scooters, speedboats, motorised cultivators, and leisure craft such as jet skis, karts and quads, etc., and also for vehicles such as heavy goods and agricultural vehicles. Constantly monitoring technological developments, the brand is always working on the development of new lubricants.

Motul's trade agreements: the strength of a Group

Motul has made agreements with major OEMs to always meet as best as possible the specific needs of each engine. These partnerships concern both the development of co-branded products and constant improvement of existing ranges. The partnerships can also be for the first oil fill made at the OEM's factory.

Motul and Nismo: a partnership extending beyond racing

Since 2003, Motul has been formulating specific engine lubricants for Nissan racing vehicles.

After years of experience and SUPER GT titles in Japan, the technological partnership between the two companies naturally became a business partnership.
In 2008, Nismo entrusted Motul with producing and distributing engine and transmission lubricants labelled NISMO COMPETITION OIL for the GT-Rs racing worldwide.
Aside from the field of racing, the transmission lubricant NISMO COMPETITION OIL 75W140 is recommended in the GT-R models' maintenance manual.

Motul and Nismo: a partnership extending beyond racing

Suzuki Marine & Motul: a dedicated 4-stroke outboard range

As part of its global strategy to harmonise its offering of accessories for the new 4-stroke outboard motors, Suzuki Marine Corporation has found in Motul a partner to promote, in its markets, 10W30 Fuel Economy technology.

This partnership has led to the creation of a comprehensive range of motor and transmission lubricants meeting marine standards (NMMA).
In 2008, Suzuki Marine Corporation entrusted Motul with the production and sale of the range of SUZUKI MARINE 4-STROKE OUTBOARD lubricants.

A bounce of Multinational partnerships

Apart from these international partnerships, a large number of OEMs are trusting Motul locally, or even regionally or nationally: Motul is Suzuki Moto's partner in several European countries, Honda Auto's partner in the Czech Republic and Thailand for instance, and also Mercedes' partner in India, Subaru's partner in Italy and Honda Power Equipment's partner in France.

Supporting the racing world: a genuine Group philosophy

A sponsoring pioneer, Motul has been present since the beginning of the 1950s in the leading motorsport disciplines : car and motorcycle racing and speedboat racing.

While this high involvement in racing is beneficial for Motul®'s repute, it is above all a matter of genuine partnerships central to the products quality process.

Indeed what better laboratory is there to assess the absolute suitability of a lubricant formulation than the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Motorcycle Grand Prix or world championship rallies?

With more than 40 world champion titles, Motul is therefore associated, in motorsport history, with major OEMs like Suzuki, Yamaha, Subaru, Aston Martin or Nismo.

Motul also has a multitude of competition partnerships both nationally and regionally, there being more than 250 worldwide in 2009. These boost its image of dynamism and proximity to its clients.

As a technical partner, Motul is also proud to have played its part, in the sole year 2009, in the clinching of more than 60 titles in some 20 countries.

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