A philosophy of action inspired by the Group values

International • Premium • Specialist • People

These are the fundamental principles guiding the Group in its development and underlying its strategic choices.

A philosophy of action inspired by the Group values

To combine an international presence

The internationalization of the activities of the Group, combined with the freedom of action of its local equipment, guarantees that the clients of Motul enjoy products and services adapted to their expectations and wants, in more than 100 countries.

A Premium mark for the most demanding

Motul makes and sells lubricants that incorporate technologies proven and validated in the most extreme conditions, imposed by the manufacturers of motors and the most demanding industries. The knowledge of Motul is at the disposal of everybody by means of products designed according to standards and international certifications of quality, there where they are made.

The knowledge of a specialist

The Motul Group has gained an international reputation for specialty products without comparison in an ample variety of lands. For example, the sector of the motorcycle, the automobile competition, as well as the metal mechanization for the aeronautics industry. The organization of the Group and the workers are given to the added value of its creation for the clients of the mark, from the formulation of lubricants to the use on the part of the final customer.

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Motul People

The feelings of property and commitment are shared by the equipment and partners of Motul, that indicate the determination to construct an ambitious project for a company in which they create. The concept "Motul People" one of our strategic decisions, the Group has insisted on the importance of the relations between people to accelerate our development.

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