Group Activities

Engine lubricants

Motul Automotive formulates, produces and sells motor vehicle (motorcycles, cars, leisure craft, etc.) lubricants in more than 100 countries. This activity branch also proposes a wide range of maintenance articles for vehicles as well as services to improve clients' daily life.

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R&D making the difference

Each of the Group's two activities has its own Research & Development laboratories. The major resources allocated to them support innovation which has always been the brand's spearhead.

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A modern production tool

The Group's main production unit is located at Vaires-sur-Marne on the outskirts of Paris. Quality, flexibility, reactivity and safety goals have led to a regular investments policy in the facilities here. The unit is constantly evolving to adapt to the manufacturing requirements of products based on ever more advanced technologies.
These investments are also aimed at limiting the environmental risks related to the Group's activity, in accordance with its environmental commitments.

Production sites located abroad, in India and Vietnam for instance, also allow the Group to increase its flexibility and reactivity to demand by adapting to regional demand from the viewpoint of the standards imposed and also that of the technical constraints related to consumer habits, the nature of the cars on the roads in the various countries or else the specific characteristics of petrols. Production at these sites meets the quality and inspection criteria that have built the brand's reputation.

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The supply chain: an essential element between Motul and its clients

The sometimes long distances between Motul and its markets, the large number of delivery points and above all the importance Motul grants to satisfying each of its clients require an advanced logistics department and a ready-to-respond, heedful clientele department.
To accompany its rapid internationalisation, the Group has organised this essential element of its activity so as to combine just-in-time organisation and efficacy.

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Motul's centres of excellence

With an eye on the future, Motul has set in place a learning organisation system. Four international centres of excellence, working transversally for all the Group, have thus been created: the CoE Product, CoE Market, CoE Powersport, and CoE People.

These pool the best practices developed by the various entities of the Group and prepare Motul for the requirements of tomorrow's markets.

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