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Knowing how to surprise

To stand out you also need to open up new horizons for your clients and fans to share things, exchange and marvel. Motul explores novel avenues.

Motul and Hozoï: living the city and their passion the same way

A catalyst of talents and a patron with a pioneering outlook, Motul likes to venture off the beaten path to provoke creative and unconventional encounters.

In this frame of mind, in 2001, long before graffiti reached contemporary art status in France, Motul called on graffiti artist Hozoï to spruce up in his colourful style the parking lot wall at its headquarters, which has been in Aubervilliers since 1964.

Ten years after Hozoï's first creation and exhibition 'St’Art with Motul*' at the 2010 Retromobile Show, Motul is continuing to fashion ties between art and the automotive industry by once again having given Hozoï a free hand.

Accompanied by two urban artists, Bears and Ecraz, Hozoï has reinterpreted his work on the parking lot wall and has reinvented the façade of Motul's headquarters. He was given a single instruction: make an impact on the walls while transmitting the values Motul has embodied since 1853: High Technology, Expertise, Authenticity, Commitment.

The choice of the artist Hozoï is not insignificant because over and beyond his love for cities, which he has been criss-crossing and graffitiing worldwide for more than 20 years, Hozoï is a motorsports enthusiast. He also engages in 'metal shaping' by using particular parts taken from cars, which he assembles and welds to create artifacts. Motul is therefore part of his universe and it is a fine opportunity for him to combine his two passions to make, with the brand, a genuine work of art: 'Graffiti is not decoration, it's an art that finds expression in the street by onlookers.', Hozoï stated. 'Your means of expression is of little importance, what is important is what you do with it: with a hammer you can build entire building or destroy houses, with paint it's the same. Personally, what I like is expressing towards people, being in their midst to convey'.
After a month of discussion with the residents of Aubervilliers and after using hundreds of spray cans and litres of paint, the challenge to create a link between the mechanics of Motul and that of Hozoï, Bears and Ecraz has therefore succeeded: Motul's Fluidforce is now in the heart of the city...

Motul and Hozoï: living the city and their passion the same way

Start with Motul: cars, motorcycles and creation

Resolutely innovation- and excellence-minded, Motul has always been enthusiastic about taking up technical challenges requiring expertise and knowhow.

Each race start is a new challenge, each work of art a new adventure.

At the Rétromobile 2010 show, 'St’art with Motul' materialised the ephemeral meeting between cars, motorcycles and creative works, all three being stimulated by passion.

A video of St'art with Motul on Youtube

Start with Motul: cars, motorcycles and creation

Rhythm and Passion by Motul

In 2007, Motul brought together at the Rétromobile show the most beautiful and prestigious cars from the personal collection of Nick Mason, drummer of the legendary Pink Floyd group.

Passing with ease from beater's stool to driver's seat, Nick Mason participated five times in the 24 Hours of Le Mans and three time in the 'Le Mans Classic' vintage vehicles race.

From the racing Panhard (1901) to the Aston Martin Ulster (1935), from the Jaguar type D (1955) to the Ferrari 250 GTO (1962), and from the Ferrari 512 S (1970) to the Mac Laren F1 (1995), a century of motorcar passion was thus presented to enthusiasts on Motul's stand.

Rhythm and Passion by Motul

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