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Motul Corazón

In December 2011, Motul launched  Motul Corazón, a foundation under the aegis of the Fondation de France.  Motul Corazón’s guiding purpose is to support actions in favor of children anywhere in the world who are underprivileged or experiencing difficulties.


1) Origin of Motul Corazón

How was the name & logo chosen?

The idea of setting up recurrent actions in favor of children was born in Latin America, long before the creation of a foundation. The name of the Foundation is thus a tribute to this genesis.
« Corazón », meaning “heart” in Spanish has been chosen to represent love towards children. The Heart is an international symbol, understandable by all, and especially by all children.

Why was Motul Corazón created?

The Foundation Motul Corazón has been created for the following reasons:

Motul, a company with a long and rich history, is above all a family, a group of men and women sharing the same values, among which « Commitment ».

By placing its People in the heart of its strategy, the Group is showing everyday its respect for human beings and their development.
While respecting its roots, Motul is a Group looking towards the future.

2) Objectives of Motul Corazón


The Motul Corazón Foundation – under the aegis of the Fondation de France - has been created to help children, underprivileged or undergoing difficulties.
The actions of the Foundation are not limited geographically. Projects may be supported in any country as long as the correct allowance and utilization of the funds can be guaranteed.
The Motul Corazón Foundation is not to organize actions itself but to support actions of existing organizations or associations.

Motul Corazón is the result of the Group’s commitment towards Humanity. Although the idea of the foundation was born in Latin America, its scope remains global.

Motul Corazón

Motul and the Fondation du Patrimoine naturally cooperating

The Fondation du Patrimoine is a not-for-profit independent body aimed at defending and enhancing non-listed French heritage in all its forms.

An international company born with the industrial revolution, Motul reacts favourably to initiatives aimed at safeguarding the heritage of remarkable motorised vehicles.

Motul has thus been supporting since 2003 the Fondation du Patrimoine in a variety of projects to restore the motorised heritage, from getting a legendary Porsche 917 to give a demonstration run ... to the restoration of a vine-grower's modest tractor made by the former St Chamond works.

Motul and the Fondation du Patrimoine naturally cooperating

A Porsche 917 back on track thanks to Motul.

The Porsche 917, 'the 20th century race car' for many car racing enthusiasts, left its mark on its era. With its extraordinary engine, unparalleled performances and incredible track history, it was the star of the beginning of the 1970s.

In June 2010, thanks to Motul's sponsorship, the one exhibited at the 24 Hours of Le Mans museum took back to the track of its feats, driven by Gérard Larrousse, after nearly 40 years of silence.
Video of the restoration of the Porsche 917 on Youtube.


A Bugatti Type 28 under restoration.

The unique model produced in 1921 by Ettore Bugatti, the Bugatti Type 28 Torpédo restored in 2010 thanks to Motul's support symbolises the first attempts of the Molsheim brand to produce luxurious cars.
It therefore presents major historic interest since it served as a fully-fledged technical laboratory by testing novel technical solutions now to be found in all cars: hydraulic braking, adjustable steering wheel...

 A Bugatti Type 28 under restoration.

A large range of restoration projects.

Contemporary with the first 24 Hours of Le Mans race in 1923, these lorries restored in 2008 mark Motul's historic tie with the racetrack and are now exhibited at the centre of the museum devoted to the world's greatest endurance race. They represent the most effective equipment used at the time for fuelling and first-aid at the famous Le Mans event.

A large range of restoration projects.

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