Quality: the corporate culture

With its strong culture of product excellence, Motul very soon adopted the principles of a quality management system. It has set in place an organisation allowing the teams to have a common, structured and pragmatic approach.

Everyone, whatever his speciality in the company, has a keen sense of client and partner satisfaction. This is a common goal and shared source of pride which underpin the brand's reputation in the fields where it excells like motorsports or the precision machining of parts for high-tech industries.

By thus meeting the extreme requirements of technologically advanced sectors, Motul can ensure that each user/client can enjoy products formulated by highly trained men and women for whom the requirement to produce results is their primary concern.

Sustainable development, a responsible approach

Between each and everyone's individual efforts and the collective initiatives of major national or international public institutions, Motul is convinced that manufacturers must adopt a steadfast and pro-active approach combining growth and responsibility.

For decades the Motul Group has shown it is strongly concerned by sustainable development. It pioneered the use of non-oil dependent, renewable technologies in their car applications, such as esters. It has also pioneered services helping its professional clients to sort and eliminate waste.

Also, the responsible management of the impact of its environmental footprint has been materialised since the beginning of 2009 by an initiative to get its French production site certified environmentally.

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