MotulTech, a global partner

MotulTech sells speciality lubricants in world markets.
Its metalworking fluids and high-performance lubricants, developed in France and Italy, are sold in many parts of the world:
Southern Europe (Paris, Bologna), Central Europe (Cologne), India (Mumbai), Asia (Singapore)

MotulTech sets up in areas with a high industrial potential, technical units located in each of these areas providing the necessary services to manufacturers.

MotulTech, a global partner

MotulTech develops, produces and sells speciality lubricants meeting the requirements of manufacturers in a very wide variety of fields:

Lubrication of industrial processes

- Metalworking

- Stone and mineral cutting

High-performance lubrication

- Applications in extreme conditions (temperature, hostile environment, etc.). 


MotulTech product offering

You're looking for a product adapted to your needs? We'll provide tailored solutions.

MotulTech can provide you with its range of speciality lubricants and its know-how.

Metalworking :

Product ranges meeting your metal cutting and deformation requirements:

- Soluble fluids: Stabilis, Safkool, Biocool

- Neat oils: Supraco, Cadrex

Heat treatment:

Solutions to complex problems:
- High temperature quenching oils: Thermic
- Surface quenching
- Aqueous phase mass quenching

Stone and mineral cutting:

Each material has its own product: Granite, marble, refractory materials, etc.

Speciality lubricants:

To lubricate a very wide variety of mechanisms in extreme conditions:

- High and low temperature
- Extreme locations
- Electrical contacts, etc.

High-performance maintenance lubricants

To prolong the durability of your equipment:
Hydraulics, gears, sliding joints

Tailored services

Participating in the development of your company, ranges of tailored services and equipment. 

MotulTech product offering

MotulTech and Baraldi, AluminiumWay

The company Baraldi, specialised in high pressure die casting products for aluminium, recently joined up with MotulTech.
Combining complementary expertise, MotulTech's experts can propose broader ranges and are making a name for themselves as specialists of the working of aluminium.

The comprehensive ranges of the AluminiumWay programme set out to meet every complex requirement of manufacturers specialised in the aluminium industry or the use of aluminium. 

MotulTech and Baraldi, AluminiumWay

MotulTech is developing international agreements with companies with acknowledged know-how

In June 2010, MotulTech joined with Sita Solving, a Suez Group company, to offer its clients Total Fluid Management services. The manufacturing clients of MotulTech thus enjoy a top-of-the-range service and the combined skills of two specialists: a workshop management specialist and an industrial fluids supply specialist.  

MotulTech is developing international agreements with companies with  acknowledged know-how

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