First podiums for Guy Martin


First podiums for Guy Martin

It's off to a start! The week of the Tourist Trophy, the most legendary road motorcycle race, for which Motul is the official lubricant supplier for the second consecutive year, has indeed started.

While the first races were dissimilar in style, on the other hand, the performances by Guy Martin, the famous rider of team Relentless Suzuki by TAS, for which Motul is a technical partner, were extremely regular. Indeed, after securing the third step of the podium on Monday 6 June in Supersport race 1 (four 60 km laps were on the programme, in other words a total of 240 kms and 1056 turns!) at the wheel of his GSX-R 600, Guy Martin pulled off the same performance again a few hours later at the Superstock race.

Still at the Superstock race, note should also be taken of the fine sixth place taken by Cameron Donald of team Wilson Craig Racing (also supported technically by Motul).

The second rider of Team Relentless Suzuki by TAS, Guillaume Dietrich was making, for his part, his maiden outing at the Tourist Trophy. Nevertheless, after giving himself two dreadful frights during the last qualifier, the French rider who takes part regularly in the French Superbike Championship, quite simply decided to prematurely put an end to his adventure on the Isle of Man. 'I've decided to stop before it's too late. I'm sure to disappoint a lot of people. For once I'll swallow my pride! My respect for TT riders has only grown. They're well and truly on another planet' he explained to justify his decision.

Pending the Pokerstars senior, the major race, Motul riders will be back on the road this Wednesday for Supersport race 2. 

First podiums for Guy Martin
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