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Tekma Optima 5W-30

Engine lubricants
Product Range
Commercial Vehicles
ACEA Standards
ACEA E4 / E7
OEM Approvals
MACK EO-N ; MB-Approval 228.5, MB-Approval 235.28 ; RENAULT VI RLD-2 ; VOITH Class B ; VOLVO VDS-3. PERFORMANCE LEVEL : DAF Extended Drain ; DEUTZ DQC-IV ; FORD WSS-M2C-212-A1 ; MAN M3277 ; MTU Type 3 ; SCANIA LDF-3
5L can, 208L drum

100% Synthetic lubricant based on Ester-Technology. SSpecially designed for new generation, low emission Turbocharged Diesel engines (EURO II, EURO III), fitted with EGR and extended drain intervals. Light viscosity grade reduces fuel consumption up to 1.

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