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Andre Lotterer: Spa is always the dress rehearsal for Le Mans


Rebellion Racer and multiple Le Mans winner André Lotterer is back behind the wheel of the red and black LMP1 machine racing at Spa but ultimately preparing for the 24 Hours Of Le Mans

Andre, this is our second time at Spa during the super season. Does having two races on the same track in one season change anything for you? 

I haven’t been in the car for six months since I missed out on Sebring, so for me it feels like the start of a new season. There is a significant new aero update on the car, so for me it feels like coming out of winter into a new season. The points system is different so that’s the big change for this race. For me, Spa is always a dress rehearsal for the 24 hours of Le Mans so we try to gather as much data and have a clean race.

Andre Lotterer: Spa is always the dress rehearsal for Le Mans

This is the first time the FIA WEC season has spanned over two years. At the start of the penultimate race, how do you wrap your head around this super season?

It’s been a difficult season for us. We’d love to have had more clean races but it is what it is. Challenging the Toyotas proved impossible due to the regulations. We can challenge them on a lap-by-lap basis but for a full race it’s more complicated. We’re still the best of the rest in terms of LMP1 non-hybrid performance and for us that is where it counts. 

Last season you came from the Audi into the Rebellion. Was that a change as drastic as it seems from the outside? 

Yes, absolutely. I mean that was a turbocharged hybrid car with over a thousand horsepower and this is a naturally aspirated car. The way it exits the corners is completely different and although the top speed of the Rebellion is higher, the time you gain coming out of the corners is something you can’t get back. 

Andre Lotterer: Spa is always the dress rehearsal for Le Mans

As well as your WEC programme, you are also competing in Formula-E. That must give you a unique insight into the world of motorsports. Where do you see it going from here?

It’s going to change radically, that’s for sure. I’ve experienced the entire evolution - from the efficiency of racing with diesel at Audi, to the Hybrid system and now to racing completely electric. There is a lot that will change in the next few years. A lot of manufacturers are leaving the traditional championships and moving into formula-E to develop their electric drivetrains which is a trend you’ll see more and more. The show aspect is something that is becoming more and more important and Formula-E is doing really well at bringing the track to the people instead of the other way around. 

Looking back at your incredibly busy year, what has been your highlight so far? 

Racing at Spa and Le Mans are always my highlights. Especially Spa, because I grew up in Belgium, which makes it my home race. 

What does Motul mean to you as a Rebellion driver? 

Motul is a brand that carries an immense value within the sport. It’s one of these brands that you associate with performance. They do a lot more than just support our team with products and sponsoring. They are also very strong in communication and getting the fans involved, and that’s really great to see from our perspective.

Andre Lotterer: Spa is always the dress rehearsal for Le Mans
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