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Looking for the ideal Christmas present for the petrolhead or cycling fan in your life? Motul’s range of Bike Care products could be just the ideal stocking filler, whether you're a commuter or a leisure rider. With a vast range of products, Motul’s comprehensive lineup of top-quality care products will help you keep your machine in tip-top shape.

Motul's new Bike Care range, developed on the fundamentals of the MC Care range of products, distills 170 years of innovation and heritage to create cycling products that will help you pedal faster and keep your bike in perfect working order. They are the result of constant innovation and passion, and years of helping the world’s top teams, riders and drivers take championship glory at motorsport events as diverse as Dakar and Le Mans, to MotoGP and even powerboat racing.


Motul Bike Care

Recently, Motul launched its new Bike Care range, aimed at the enthusiast cyclist who wants to get more out of their bike. Using the same know-how, science and formulas that go into creating world-class motorsport products, Motul’s cycling care products are designed to help you pedal faster, whether riding to work or cutting across the trails, by cleaning, degreasing, lubricating and protecting your bicycle’s key components.

Created using safe, biodegradable formulas which are free of solvents, aerosols, silicones and volatile organic compounds, they are suitable for all types of bike and come in ecological packaging made from recycled materials.

Motul Bike Care

How to clean and degrease your bike

Motul’s Frame Clean is a water-based cleaner that has a high dissolving power – and is suitable for all bike types, from city commuters to downhill mountain bikes. It removes even the most stubborn dirt and will make short work of hard-to-shift sand, dust and mud.

Motul Dry Clean is a rinse-free frame cleaner that sprays a protective waterproof layer to avoid the accumulation of dust and dirt. As with all these products, it can be used on all types of bicycles, including electric bikes.

Chain Clean is a fast-drying cleaner that is perfect for degreasing the chain. It also has properties that protect the chain from wear – and is designed to help you pedal smoother and faster.

Brake Clean allows you to remove dust and tar to improve braking efficiency – as well as prevent brake squeals. It evaporates extremely quickly so you’re ready to ride faster, and as with all these products, is solvent-free and made from biodegradable ingredients.

How to clean and degrease your bike

How to lubricate your bike

After cleaning your bike, it’s now time to lubricate it. Motul Chain Lube Dry is perfect for protecting your bike if you’re heading out in dry conditions. Suitable for all bike types, it uses Motul’s proven Ester technology to help your chain roll more smoothly. If you’re heading out in wet conditions, Motul Chain Lube Wet will give you more protection against the elements and can be used on the chain, transmission, cassettes and cranksets, derailleurs and other mechanical parts.

Motul EZ Lube is a specially formulated, multi-purpose lubricant that penetrates deep to shift stubborn greases and oils. It forms a thick, long-lasting protective film that will keep your mechanical parts in fine fettle.

And to keep your tyres in top working order, and prevent pesky punctures, Motul Tubeless Tire Sealant acts fast to plug gaps and small holes caused by punctures in tubeless bicycle tyres.

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