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Motul Roads Glemseck To Biarritz


The Cool Way Down to Wheels & Waves 

5 Days – 50 MD Roads – 1,611 KM

"After a very quiet night and a slightly cold wake up – temperatures of minus 1 degrees – we took to the road. Fluffy clouds overhead soon became bigger and by the time we reached Arc et Senans, with its famous Saline Royale, all fluffyness had disappeared and once more the sky opened up on us. The Saline Royale itself is a mesmerising network of buildings – a wild 17th Century Imperial attempt at a salt factory, combining utility and grandeur with a lucrative state monopoly. The downpour didn’t last long, and as we were entering Burgundy the sun was back out, shy, but present. And the roads we felt were OK suddenly seemed much better. Past Tournus we really started to enjoy the curves, and at an improvised coffee stop we got down to a right old natter about the rest of the day..."

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