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Coolants and Antifreezes
Product Range
Commercial Vehicles
OEM Approvals
MTU - MTL 5048 ; CUMMINS CES 14603 ; FORD WSS-M 97B51-A1 ; JCB - STD00088 ; JOHN DEERE - JDM H14
20L jerrycan, 208L barrel, 1000L IBC
Article number
108804 - 20л; 108805 - 208л.

HD COOL INTER is a ready to use cooling liquid, anti-corrosion and anti-freeze, based on monoethyleneglycol, using an organic / non-organic mix technology, named hybrid additives technology.This product can be mixed with all monoethyleneglycol based coolants.ADVANTAGES : Protects the cooling system from freezing and metallic parts from corrosion. Provides an excellent thermal exchange and therefore improves engine cooling efficiency. Combination of nitrites, borates, silicates and organic acids provide long lasting anti-corrosion properties on all engine components as engine blocks, cylinder heads, liners, water pumps and radiators. Avoids cavitation and increases water pump lifetime. Seals, hoses, pipes and plastic parts friendly.

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