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Coolants and Antifreezes
Product Range
Car, Gardening
OEM Approvals
VW TL 774 J (G13)
208L, 60L, 20L, 5L, 1L
Article number
109115 - 1л; 109138 - 5л; 109132 - 20л; 109128 - 60л; 109123 - 208л.

MOTUL AUTO COOL G13 ULTRA is a concentrated long life antifreeze that must be mixed with soft water for immediate use as a cooling liquid, based on monoethylene glycol and glycerol, using an hybrid organic / non organic mix additive technology, named Lobrid Tech. Especially recommended for cooling systems of VAG group (VOLKSWAGEN, AUDI, SKODA and SEAT) passenger cars and light duty vehicles when coolant meeting requirements of G13 standard (VW TL 774J) is required.

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