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Coolants and Antifreezes
Product Range
Car, Gardening
OEM Approvals
JIS 2234
OEM Performances
MWM DEUTZ 0199-99-2091 / 12, MAN 324 type Si-OAT, OPEL GME L1301, VAUXHALL GME L1301, TOYOTA 1WW/2WW Engines, DEUTZ DQC CA-14, MERCEDES-BENZ MB 325.5, AUDI TL-774 C = G 11, SEAT TL-774 C = G 11, SKODA TL-774 C = G 11, BMW LC-87, BMW LC-97, BMW LC-18, VW G13 (VW TL 774 J), AUDI G13 (VW TL 774 J), SKODA G13 (VW TL 774 J), SEAT G13 (VW TL 774 J), VW TL-774 D = G 12, VW TL-774 L = G 12 EVO, VW TL-774 G = G 12++, AUDI TL-774 L = G 12 EVO, AUDI TL-774 G = G 12++, SKODA TL-774 L = G 12 EVO, SKODA TL-774 G = G 12++, SEAT TL-774 L = G 12 EVO, SEAT TL-774 G = G 12++, VW TL-774 F = G 12+, ROLLS-ROYCE MTL 5048, VW TL-774 C = G 11, AUDI TL-774 D = G 12, SEAT TL-774 D = G 12, SKODA TL-774 D = G 12, FVV STANDARD Germany FVV Heft R530, AUDI TL-774 F = G 12+, SKODA TL-774 F = G 12+, SEAT TL-774 F = G 12+, CUMMINS 85T8-2, CHRYSLER MS 7170, FIAT 9.55523, IVECO 18-1830, FORD ESD-M97B49-A, CASE IH JIC-501, MAN 324 typ NF, MTU MTL 5048, VOLVO 128 6083 / 002
1000L, 208L, 60L, 20L, 5L, 1L
Article number
109112 - 1л; 109140 - 5л; 109130 -20л; 109126 -60л; 109121 -208л.

MOTUL AUTO COOL EXPERT -37°C is a long life ready to use cooling liquid, based on monoethyleneglycol, using hybrid organic / non organic mix additive technology, named Hybrid Tech. This product can be mixed with all monoethyleneglycol based coolants. Ideal for top-up.
Recommended for all cooling systems: passenger cars, heavy duty, construction and agriculture vehicles, gardening, ships, stationary engines, …
Particularly recommended for the cooling circuits of VAG group vehicles (VOLKSWAGEN, AUDI, SKODA and SEAT) when a coolant meeting the VW G12 EVO standard (VW TL 774 L) is required.

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