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Radical’s new Rapture sets the pace at the Goodwood Festival of Speed


As a long-time partner we are delighted to present Radical’s newest creation, the Rapture: a road-legal sports car built for the track. Radical opened the Goodwood Festival of Speed by launching its newest progeny onto the Goodwood hill-climb course, immediately giving it a dynamic debut. 

Radical has always been at the cutting edge of sports car development and has recently been blurring the line between pure race cars and road-going sports cars. The Rapture is the successor to the SR3 SL and RXC Coupe. While it features an LMP-style open body with a massive wing in the back, marking itself out firmly as a race car, it’s also got a cockpit heater, comfortable moulded seats, a courtesy light and even a horn. 

At the heart of the Rapture is a 2261cc turbocharged EcoBoost engine, supplied by Ford and reworked by Radical Performance Engines, featuring an all-new turbo architecture and air induction system. The unit produces 350bhp and 320lb/ft of torque. The drive comes through a six-speed paddle-shift gearbox. 

Radical’s new Rapture sets the pace at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

But it’s the mechanical grip and race car-like downforce that really set this car apart. The Rapture features an enhanced version of the firm’s proven Nik-link suspension system, optimised for both road and track use, and is complete with adjustable dampers. On top of that the Rapture boasts a lightweight space frame chassis with an FIA-compliant safety cell and crash structure, and features high-downforce composite bodywork, complete with bi-plane rear wing and double-tunnel diffuser.

Although the Radical Rapture is road-legal, its heart is obviously on the track. The market is saturated with diluted track cars with big wings that offer more cosmetic enhancement rather than improving actual track performance, but the Rapture stands apart as a credible race-focused machine. The driver input required for peak performance is the same as it would be in the class-leading SR1 or SR3 sports prototypes, putting a Rapture driver firmly in the same league as Radical’s global motorsport community. 

Radical’s new Rapture sets the pace at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

While the Rapture is a high-performance product, the car remains accessible to both experienced drivers and novices alike, and each Rapture customer will benefit from a tailored track tuition package to ensure they get the most out of their new machine. 

Radical Sportscars CEO, Joe Anwyll said: “Radical has always been a business to push the boundaries; in developing Rapture, we listened carefully to our global customer base to ensure that whilst road legal, the Rapture remains an undiluted, out-and-out track car at its core.

“We’ve distilled over two decades of motorsport heritage into the most focused, open sportscar possible. In Rapture, cutting edge direct-injection turbocharged powertrain technology and advanced underbody aerodynamics contribute to a unique package with electrifying performance.” 

Radical’s new Rapture sets the pace at the Goodwood Festival of Speed
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