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Why Goodwood Revival and Motul are the perfect partners


To quote a famous fictional series, “Winter is coming”, which means the classic motoring season is coming to a close. While we put the covers over our cars and prepare them for hibernation, let’s take a look back at the highlight of the season: the Goodwood Revival. More specifically, we dive into the perfect match between Motul and the Goodwood Revival Festival.

Why Goodwood Revival and Motul are the perfect partners

Motul is the official lubricant partner of the Goodwood Revival. The question that raises in many people’s minds: “what does this actually means?”.

Needless to say, a Lubricant partnership is much more than adding stickers on cars, a booth and some banners at the side of the track. If an event has a lubricant partnership that usually puts the capital P on the word ‘partnership’. This means the Lubricant partner provides support to the event and its participants while getting tons of feedback from drivers. In return Motul develops its product more extensively.

Want to know more? A more detailed explanation is offered in the two videos below!


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