Motul in India

Motul started operations in India in May 2003 through Atlantic Lubricants and Specialities Private Limited (ALSL).

ALSL has a technology license agreement with Motul, France to manufacture and market the Motul products in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan. ALSL is part of a large business group in India with diversified interests in grease manufacturing, lubricants, pharmaceuticals and bulk drugs. ALSL is based in Mumbai and manufactures the Motul products at their high technology in-house plant at Silvassa.

Motul products are distributed across India through ALSL’s wide distribution network consisting of company depots, distributors and retailers. The complete range of automotive lubricants are marketed in India.

The Industrial product range of Motul is managed by MOTULTECH. MotulTech offers technical solutions for metal working fluids, die release agents for high pressure die casting industry, granite industry, high performance specialty lubrication products, heat treatment products and products for special applications.

MotulTech supplies products to various automotive and auto component manufacturing OEMs in addition to other industries like aeronautical, steel, mining, engineering, metal working, metal forming, textiles, chemicals, cement, construction, food, pharmaceuticals to name a few.

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Motul in India

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