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Производство пластмассовых изделий
Гидравлические масла, Промышленная очистка
Тип продукции
Индустриальные смазочные материалы, Продукты для обслуживания
Ассортимент продукции
Индустриальные смазочные материалы
Jerrycan 5 L
Артикульный номер

RUBRIC R-CLEAN is a specially formulated cleaning solution, designed for use in mineral based hydraulic oils. The addition of RUBRIC R-CLEAN at a level between 5% and 20% volume to an in-service hydraulic fluid will help remove varnish and sludge from the hydraulic system in preparation for the introduction of a new fluid.

For lightly varnished systems, a lower concentration of cleaner is sufficient and for heavily varnished systems, a higher concentration may be necessary.

RUBRIC R-CLEAN is the first part of a Hydraulic Clean Package that consists of the cleaner RUBRIC R-CLEAN and RUBRIC CLEAN hydraulic oils.

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