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Fast solutions for fast lives!



Fast solutions for fast lives!

Ride through the city with care

Towns sometimes make travel difficult, as they become increasingly congested and busy, almost to saturation point. The use of two-wheeled vehicles in cities is mainly prompted by the desire not to waste time, to minimise the time spent getting from place to place.

These motorbikes face all sorts of stresses. Often parked outside, they endure the vagaries of the weather without much protection, and come under attack from other road users. Riders and their equipment are also faced with the same challenges.

Motul has developed a wide range of products for users of two-wheeled vehicles. The MC Care® range is aimed at all kinds of user and is intended to meet routine maintenance and servicing needs. It enables motorbike owners to take care of their bikes, as well as their personal gear.

The following products are particularly recommended for an urban environment:

E.Z. LUBE – P4: multi-use spray which protects against corrosion by depositing a protective film, repels water and moisture and effectively dissolves rust.

PERFECT SEAT - E4: a renovating cleaning product for vinyl saddles which works deep into dirt and dust, even the most encrusted deposits. It restores the original shine and revives colours, whilst leaving a long-lasting protective film with non-slip effect on the saddle.

HELMET INTERIOR CLEAN – M2: spray for helmet interiors with a deep-cleaning effect which neutralises unpleasant odours. Its restorative effect acts immediately, and its dermatologically tested formula does not irritate the skin.

HELMET & VISOR CLEAN – M1: cleans helmet exteriors and visors without leaving streaks. A neutral, non-aggressive, non-corrosive formula which effectively dissolves greasy and oily stains and dry marks without damaging the surface treated.

The MC Care® range includes 27 products to meet all your maintenance needs. They are classified according to their intended use: 

P – Maintenance of mechanical Parts
A – Maintenance of Air filter
E – External care
M – Products for Motorbike riders and their equipment
C – Maintenance of the Chain

You will find all the MC Care® products at your local Motul distributor.