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Outboard Tech 4T 10W-40

Engine lubricants
Engine Type
4-Stroke outboard
Product Range
API Standards
MARINE Standards
NMMA FC-W n° FB-14800W
1L can, 2L can, 5L can, 20L jerrycan, 60L drum, 1000L IBC
Article number
104005; 104265 ;105999; 106222; 106354; 106368; 106397

Technosynthese® lubricant for 4-Stroke Outboard or sterndrive engines calling for NMMA FC-W lubricants. High HTHS viscosity ensures better oil film resistance at high temperature and absorb fuel dilution produced during long idling period. Perfect shear resistance to maintain lubricant performance at high temperature. Outstanding anti-corrosion properties to avoid corrosion due to sea water or salt water fog that can reach combustion chamber through exhaust pipe. Keep lubricant original properties even contaminated by sea water. SAE 40 viscosity grade at high temperature for severe conditions and warm climates.

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