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Cooperation between MOTUL and Horex


Strong Partners - Strong Brands

The legendary motorbike brand Horex returns to the scene with a premium-segment motorbike. The new Horex with a six-cylinder V-engine and compressor supercharging will probably be launched on the German, Austrian and Swiss markets as from the end of 2011. The lubricant brand MOTUL has been technical development partner for the powerful, innovative roadster with 1,200 ccs displacement. Thanks to its large range of high-tech products, MOTUL also offers the ideal lubricant for this unusual motorbike.

The new Horex stands out with a very compact design and high performance density, while offering 20 to 30% more efficiency than comparable engine concepts. Only high-performance lubricants were eligible for the innovative motorbike with its unique compressor-supercharged six-cylinder engine. And so MOTUL and Horex have now agreed to cooperate in the field of lubricant technology. Clemens Neese, founder and CEO of Horex GmbH, comments the partnership contents as follows: "During the current engine development phase, we are receiving support from MOTUL in the form of regular detailed analyses of the lubricants from the test stand engines. Needless to say, we also have recourse to the know-how of MOTUL's technicians."

Horex GmbH presented the world premiere of its V-engine motorbike on 15 June 2010 in Munich. True to its motto of "never change a winning team", the company supplements its strong management team with a successful network of partners, which made development of the new Horex possible in the first place. "Our corporate concept is based on the idea of creating a broadly diversified network of highly qualified specialists around the deliberately compact core team at Horex", explains CEO Clemens Neese. The MOTUL brand is an integral part of this network, says Neese with a view to MOTUL's great reputation when it comes to high-tech lubricants.