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MOTUL is expanding its product portfolio with a new cleaning system for a wide range of applications. In contrast to conventional and chemical solvent-based systems, MOTUL BioClean enables an employee- and environmentally-friendly alternative that also saves disposal costs. The wide range of possible applications for Motul BioClean allows it to be used in many different ways in automotive workshops, motorcycle workshops, manufacturing industrial plants, truck and agricultural machinery workshops, as well as by engine builders and transmission repair shops. As part of the overall Motul BioClean system, the supplier offers not only the wash stand and cleaning fluid, but also spare parts such as the cotton filters or accessories, for example cleaning brushes, application videos for employees in plants and workshops, and communication tools with which the user companies also show that they are actively contributing to environmental protection.


The cleaning of contaminated parts and components from oils, greases and other contaminants is usually done with chemical solvent-based cold cleaners that are harmful to health. These can not only have negative and sometimes health-endangering effects, such as solvent allergies, on the employees who work with them, but also damage the environment and generate high disposal costs. Other negative characteristics include an increased risk of fire due to the volatile liquids, a permanent solvent odor in the plant, and the risk of dissolving plastic or paint surfaces. Motul BioClean solves these challenges and offers highly effective cleaning performance as an environmentally friendly and efficient overall system. After washing with a cleaning fluid heated to 41 degrees and enriched with oxygen, the dissolved dirt particles are separated from the fluid in various ways - for example, through sieves, magnets or a cotton filter. In the reservoir of the wash stand, microorganisms in the washing fluid then largely dissolve the grease and oil particles and many other substances rinsed from the components.


Against which impurities does the cleansing fluid work?

The cleaning fluid is effective against contaminants such as:

  • Oil (also baked on)
  • lubricating and machine greases
  • Waxes
  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Cutting coolant
  • Operational
  • Contamination of vehicle and machine parts

On which material surfaces can BioClean be applied?

  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • plastics
  • painted surfaces

What is the difference to conventional cold cleaners?

The cleaning of contaminated parts and components from oil, grease or operational contamination is usually carried out with harmful cold cleaners and solvents. These not only pose a danger to people and the environment, but also generate very high energy costs. Further negative aspects in the use of cold cleaners are:

  • Danger due to the use of environmentally harmful substances
  • Danger due to persistent solvent odor during operation
  • High, downstream disposal costs due to strict solvent regulations
  • Fire hazard in the plant
  • Risk of damage to painted surfaces or plastic surfaces
  • Production and management of large quantities of waste and empty containers

What are the benefits for your business?

  • Highly effective, efficient cleaning through the use of a sustainable and environmentally friendly cleaning solution
  • Low disposal costs and time savings due to reduced waste production
  • No solvent odor during operation
  • Reduction of fire hazard
  • Contributes to occupational safety in the plant
  • Protects employees and the environment
  • High-quality, stable washbasin Universal application - loadable up to 250 kg

Use in motorsport

"Environmental protection and our work are not always easy to reconcile. The new Motul BioClean parts cleaning concept helps us reduce both the environmental impact of cleaning operations and the risk to shop floor workers from hazardous chemicals. We are pleased to be able to work with Motul to make a big contribution to the environment and still deliver the best performance." - ANDREW JORDAN (British Racing Champion)


"As a lubricant manufacturer, MOTUL has a special responsibility for the environment and the safety of those who work with our products every day. We take this very seriously and regularly develop new technologies under our environmental consulting concept "The Green Roof" to meet these demands. Motul BioClean is another innovative building block in this strategy with a multitude of benefits for the automotive workshop or manufacturing industry," says Markus Volkart, Business Development Manager MPS / Additives / New Channels.

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