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When It Comes to Performance, Motul Advises That What’s Inside Matters


High performance engines need to be held to higher standards. When it comes to the oil that goes into a high performance motorcycle, going for an oil that gives you the maximum performance is essential for optimum engine function. Quality oil provides better engine protection and a longer engine life, amongst other things. If you want to protect your investment, you need to start from the inside out.

By design, high performance tuned engines will develop more heat. They rev up higher and faster than any stock engine. With that kind of temperatures, an engine can wear down rapidly. Having the right oil will benefit your motorcycle in a number of ways. One benefit is in cases where oil lubricates the transmission, having the proper formulation in your oil will protect the gears, clutch, and your engine. Another benefit is by utilizing an oil that is formulated for performance, it will prevent slippage in your clutch.

The most common debate amongst riders is between using synthetic versus mineral oil. Riders on performance bikes will typically choose synthetic oils because traditional mineral oils won’t provide the protection they need. However, it goes beyond simply choosing between synthetic or mineral-based oils. Using the correct grade (viscosity) that is recommended for your motorcycle will provide you with optimum performance and protection.

A concern for oils amongst performance riders, is that their oil tends to sheer (viscosity breakdown) more quickly due to high temperatures. If your oil is not designed to handle higher running temperatures to increase viscosity retention, the viscosity could change (also known as sheering your oil). Once your oil viscosity changes, it may no longer offer the same protection that your motorcycle engine needs. A mineral oil often doesn’t have the formulation to protect a performance bike. It’s not able to handle high temperatures as well. Mineral oil will often peak out in terms of protection versus the synthetic will allow a wider range of performance. Unless you have an older motorcycle, synthetic oils will provide the best protection for performance bikes.

The first thing you should look for when choosing a high-performance synthetic motor oil is a brand name that is trusted and revered in the motorcycle industry. Saving money by going with an unproven or untested oil could cost you in the end. You want to look for the JASO grade that the motorcycle manufacturer recommends.

There are four JASO certifications and choosing the correct one for your particular model is critical. Currently, the highest JASO classification is MA2 which is backwards compatible to MA. So if your motorcycle manufacturer recommends a MA certification, you can utilize an oil with a MA2 classification. If you happen to also own a performance motorcycle that has an older or well-used clutch, a MA2 classification will be the best choice for grip.

Motul is the pioneer in the movement of ester-based synthetics. The top-tier 300V factory line range with ESTER Core® technology was designed to work with high-performance air and water-cooled four stroke motorcycle engines. The unique formulation is specifically suited for raced tuned bikes as well as ones with integral gearboxes and wet clutches. This specially formulated proprietary blend expertly joins the highest group of ester-based oils with bespoke chemical additives to increase power and provide unmatched protection and lubrication. 300V also exceeds JASO standards. Production of this motor oil is not limited to professional racers or racing teams. It can be purchased by anyone with a passion for high performance motorcycle, looking to get the most out of their ride.

When It Comes to Performance, Motul Advises That What’s Inside Matters

The 300V range is at a higher price point, but it is well worth the expense in order to protect your high performance engine if you ride under extreme conditions. However, for someone facing more common everyday riding conditions, the more budget-friendly Motul’s 7100 range of synthetic oils is a great option to protect again wear and tear in every day driving and high temperatures in bumper to bumper conditions.  Motul’s 7100 line also contain esters and is developed and formulated for a performance motorcycle in typical riding conditions. Motul is well known for meeting or exceeding the stringent requirements of JASO standards in all our products, making it an excellent brand choice for your high performance motorcycle.

With high performance motorcycles, you want to get the maximum power output of your engine without destroying its reliability and wearing it out. Going with a high performance 100% synthetic oil by Motul or splurging on the ESTER Core® technology based racing line of synthetics will ensure your engine, gearbox and clutch all stay in impeccable racing and/or road-worthy condition.

High performance motorcycles are not cheap, so it makes sense that you should spare no expense for using proper preventative maintenance in keeping it running well. To spend this kind of money on a performance motorcycle and then balk at the price of the best quality motor oil to protect and prolong its engine life doesn’t make much sense.

Motul has been a leading name in the motor oil industry because it devotes itself to the inside of your high performance motorcycle. What you put into it is what you’re going to get out of it, so maximize that potential by using Motul’s line of exceptional race-proven synthetic motor oils to achieve the same results as the pros.

When It Comes to Performance, Motul Advises That What’s Inside Matters