Motul offers Yamaha state-of-the-art protection in a classic environment


Motul offers Yamaha state-of-the-art protection in a classic environment

Europe’s leading company in the field of motorcycle lubricants and lubrication, Motul has recently reached agreement with the Yamaha Classic Racing team to become its official lubricant partner.  The new technical partnership reinforces the long association that has existed between the international lubricants company and the Japanese Yamaha factory and provides for Motul valued continuity between the classic motorcycles of the past and the current Moto GP machines used by teams such as the Monster Yamaha Tech 3 team.


Besides this technical continuity, this adventure is also a way to welcome a new Motul people in the close circle of Motul partners and teams. Owned and managed by the well-known and much respected Dutch motorcycle preparation specialist, Ferry Brouwer, the Yamaha Classic Racing Team (YCRT) was founded in 2004 with its focus being on the Yamaha racers of the Sixties and Seventies, the famous “Golden Years” of Road Racing.  As committed as Motul, Brouwer now has over 20 painstakingly restored or regenerated Yamaha Factory racers in his stable, including the four cylinder RA31A and RD05A works machines and the amazing 50cc RF302.  The YCRT is present at all major classic events all over Europe, where the bikes are ‘paraded’ rather than raced in order to protect their technical integrity.

Because of the sheer quality of the bikes, the YCRT has become a favourite of both former Grand Prix riders and the crowds, and names such as Steve Baker, Phil Read, Giacomo Agostini, Dieter Braun and Katayama are closely associated with the team.  Brouwer has such a formidable reputation in the classic competition business that he had no trouble persuading Yamaha to recognise and technically support his new enterprise, and its engineers in both Europe and Japan are able to share with YCRT vital, original drawings and parts which help maintain the authenticity of the machines.

United by a common passion for the equipment and technology, Ferry Brouwer recognises that Motul’s range of products could almost have been ‘tailor-made’ for the YCRT.  “With machines of this quality, history and value, there is a paramount need to protect them technologically,” said Brouwer.  “Motul’s specialist synthetic lubricants are perfect for this in every respect, and I have complete confidence in the value and quality of all their products and the high level of technical support they offer us.  It is very heart-warming to be able to use Motul products today on machines that were using their lubricants back in the day. You could say that the partnership between Yamaha, Motul and YCRT has come full circle.”

Image : YCRT

Motul offers Yamaha state-of-the-art protection in a classic environment
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