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Post Treatment
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Maintenance Products
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Industrial Products
Pail 5kg
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CONTRAMTM CB-3 is a formaldehyde-free metalworking fluid system cleaner based on ionic and non-ionic surfactants in combination with  effective antimicrobial agents. This product has excellent soil removing and suspending properties. CONTRAMTM CB-3 has broad  spectrum antimicrobial efficacy against bacteria, yeast and fungi. 

CONTRAMTM CB-3 does not contain alkylphenols or metal complexing agents.



CONTRAMTM CB-3 is recommended for the cleaning and disinfection of aqueous metalworking fluid dilutions in single units and central systems. It is designed to provide a degree of alkalinity and stabilizes the metalworking fluid emulsion. The proper use of CONTRAMTM CB-3 is part of a complete metalworking fluid management program to help prevent the re-emergence of microbial contamination challenges in the new metalworking fluid dilution.

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