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Motul introduces a new performance service with a cleaning system and additives


Increased performance and lower fuel consumption

Increased performance and lower fuel consumption

The challenge for modern combustion engines: Exhaust gases and fuel residues lead to dirty intake systems with clogged injectors and injection nozzles. These problems occur more frequently in particular with GDI- and diesel engines with common rail technology. The usual result is poor engine performance and increased fuel consumption. The newly introduced Motul Inject system cleans dirty fuel and air intake systems effectively and counteracts deposits efficiently. The "2 in 1“ and "3 in 1“ Motul Inject systems with specially developed Motul additives clean efficiently without the need to disassemble vehicle components such as intake valves or the particulate filter. The Motul Inject systems and additives are immediately available including accessories, a sustainable waste disposal system and POS material.

MOTUL INJECT 2 in 1 und 3 in 1 Systems

For increased efficiency, modern engines have fuel injected directly into the combustion chamber, to which a particular injector must have access. The first problem already arises here: The nozzle head is in continuous contact with exhaust gases, so that deposits form. This can lead to blockages or to system failure.

Engine wear threatens if treatment is lacking

The air intake area can also become dirty, which can lead to defective exhaust gas return valves or poor intake valve closure. The result: poor engine performance and low compression, increased fuel consumption and an increased risk of consequential damages to the injectors and the fuel system, and also a rough running engine and poor response characteristics. All of this leads to shorter engine life and increased CO2 vehicle emissions. These damages arise increasingly in diesel vehicles in particular. They can lead to failed particle filter regeneration with frequent short tripping or an increased risk of downtime with the onset of an emergency operation function.

Win-win situation for workshops and customers

"The idea behind Motul Inject arose as a follow-up concept to the MotulEvo," as explained by Mark Volkart, the key-account manager for Motul Germany. "The system is a clear win-win situation for consumers and workshops. It provides extended engine service life and better performance. Fuel is thus saved and the environment is protected as a result of lower emissions. Motor vehicle operations benefit from simple, quick application and expanded service that they can offer in addition to an oil change. This provides greater customer retention. Moreover, Motul offers its partners an attractive financing concept for the system."

MOTUL INJECT 2 in 1 und 3 in 1 Systems

The Motul Inject system makes the engine good to go again

Workshops can purchase the device in two versions: Motul Inject 2 in 1 (injector intake area AGR-EGR cleaning) and Motul Inject 3 in 1 (enhanced with a DPF cleaning function). The operating principle is similar in both devices: Intake valves for intake manifold injection and combustion chambers are cleaned of dirt and carbonization through the use of suitable Motul additives, without the removal of injection nozzles or disassembly of engine components. This system can be connected to all gasoline injection systems. This includes multipoint, monopoint, direct (GDI, FSI) and all diesel systems, including common rail systems (HDI, JTD, CDTI, CDI). The procedure is possible in all common automobiles and trucks up to 3.5 tons. Pressure can be adjustable to an accuracy of 1 to 7 bar. The device is thus suitable for all types of fuel and their injection pressures.