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Product expansion: MOTUL presents new additive range for the end customer


High performance with 13 new additives

High performance with 13 new additives

French lubricants expert MOTUL is launching a new additive product series, expanding its product range for end users. A total of 13 new additives for various applications will be available to motorists in the future - from cleaning additives for injection systems, catalytic converters and fuel systems to a so-called octane booster for better combustion in classic cars and youngtimers to radiator sealing or an oil sludge rinse, as well as innovative new developments such as a system protection for hybrid vehicles or a cetane booster for diesel engines. 


"MOTUL additives are effective and workshop-independent wellness cures for your own vehicle. By expanding our additive line to include products that are specifically designed for sale to end consumers, we are broadening our target group to include customers who would otherwise have had no contact with these very easy-to-use products and have had to do without their benefits until now," says Markus Volkart, Business Development Manager MOTUL Germany. "The knowledge gained from numerous partnerships with car manufacturers and racing teams and, of course, the feedback from workshops helped us a great deal in the development."

Among other things, the additives clean sensitive engine components as well as parts of the fuel system and help reduce fuel consumption and wear. They also reduce emissions. "In addition to our proven quality, we place great emphasis on innovation and offer products whose functions are probably unique in the end consumer market. We also consistently think about the changes in mobility and have, for example, developed a so-called e-fuel system care for the special demands of hybrid vehicles," Volkart continues.
The container size was developed directly for the respective application; tools or special expertise are not required: Depending on the intended use, the additive is simply filled into the fuel tank, oil tank or radiator in the complete container quantity. On average, a single application takes less than two minutes. 



The series includes additives for the oil circulation, fuel and exhaust systems in gasoline and diesel vehicles, as well as products for technical emergencies such as radiator or oil leaks:

  • Injector cleaner gasoline
  • System keep clean - in each case for either gasoline or diesel engines
  • Cat converter cleaner
  • Cetane or octane booster
  • E-fuel system care for hybrid vehicles
  • Cleaner for the soot particle filter
  • Engine stop leak
  • Engine Flush
  • Valve lifter stop noise
  • Radiator Stop Leak