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Motul stands out with innovative solutions

Motul has set itself the demanding goals of constantly producing quality lubricants with ever better performances and pushing back the boundaries of technology. Product innovation in the Group is a daily and shared approach.


Historically, Motul has regularly stood out from its competitors by its high-tech solutions: as early as 1971, it was the first lubricant producer to sell 100% synthetic oil on the automotive market.

By developing Double Ester technology in the 300V Motorsport range, Motul more recently developed a technology placing it above all existing market standards.

The Group owes its innovation capacity to its teams organised in a network in its Centre of Excellence Product, and also to the work conducted in partnership with universities and consultants and to its alliances with specialised players in advanced technological fields.

The Research & Development laboratories in Japan and France are staffed by pluridisciplinary teams composed of high-level chemists holding PhDs as well as engineers highly proficient in mechanical applications.

The development of partnerships with specialised universities like the MADI, the prestigious Russian technical university specialised in cars and road construction, and its network of consultants provide broad and essential knowledge during the various development phases.

In each of the main territories where Motul operates, the Centre of Excellence Product keeps close contacts with OEMs so as to guide Research & Development activities: a technical watch is therefore ensured internationally over OEM standards and approvals and note is taken of client feedback.

In the industrial field, thanks to partnerships with technologically advanced manufacturers, such as Baraldi Lubrificanti in Italy, Motul is developing its Aluminium Way project in the field of aluminium high-pressure die casting and extrusion.

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