Innovation serving the user.

MotulTech's innovations are high-performance products which respect the environment and the user.
Manufacturers must constantly improve their productivity. MotulTech offers solutions, products and services geared to that goal.


High-performance technical solutions

Complex machining operations on difficult metals.
Stabilis 9820: amine-free, boron-free product, approved by the aeronautical sector, for metals such as titanium or aluminium alloys.
Stabilis 9420: for high pressure operations, high-speed machining, soft waters.
Biocool 3740: synthetic cutting fluid concentrate, approved by the aeronautical sector, for high pressure operations (250 bars), to work nickel and titanium alloys.


High-performance lubricants

To lubricate high temperature conveyor chains operating under high constraints: IRIX High Temp PPU 172, a new technology grease.
To lubricate rolling bearings or shaft bearings at a high temperature, in an aggressive setting: Cimlube FTF 242.


Health and safety

User health and safety are the foremost concern for MotulTech's experts.

By formulating a large part of its soluble fluids range without biocides and with boric acid, MotulTech is innovatory, taking account of user health and safety but without challenging the performance of its machining fluids. 

Respect for the environment

MotulTech wishes to play its role in environmental protection.

MotulTech innovates by selling long-lasting products respectful of the environment, such as Safcolith 1321, a biodegradable soluble fluid for stone cutting. A biodegradable synthetic base concentrate, it improves granite cutting productivity. 

High-performance neat machining oils

MotulTech's neat oil ranges are of course chlorine-free.

For very severe operations, when production rates are very high, MotulTech has developed high-performance products:
Supraco 4018 and Supraco 5050 are reference products depending on the necessary viscosities.

For difficult grinding operations even in humid settings, such as tropical countries, MotulTech offers new technologies based on esters and specific surfactants: Profiline 1008. 


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