Motul Worldwide

Present in more than 100 countries

Thanks to its continuous deployment internationally over the past 25 years, Motul has a significant presence worldwide.

Underscoring its determination to be located as close as possible to its clients, the Group has structured itself in 7 strategic zones worldwide. These are piloted in a decentralised manner from entities ensuring the development and support of more than 100 markets.

This extremely reactive organisation means that Motul clients can rest assured of a rapid and locally adapted response wherever they are, with personnel always able to provide technical or commercial solutions to their concerns. 

  • The East Europe zone is managed from Cologne in Germany
  • West Europe from France
  • Russia from Moscow
  • Italy from Turin
  • Spain, Portugal and Latin America from Barcelona and from its delegations in Mexico, Sao Paolo and Buenos Aires
  • Asia-Pacific from Singapore
  • North America from Los Angeles

The head office is located in France and coordinates the whole group.

Present in more than 100 countries

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