Motul Worldwide

Present in more than 80 countries

Thanks to its continuous deployment internationally over the past 25 years, Motul today makes more than 70% of its turnover outside its original market and more than 50% outside the borders of the European Union.

Underscoring its determination to be located as close as possible to its clients, the Group has structured itself in 8 strategic zones worldwide. These are piloted in a decentralised manner from entities ensuring the development and support of more than 80 markets.

This extremely reactive organisation means that Motul clients can rest assured of a rapid and locally adapted response wherever they are, with personnel always able to provide technical or commercial solutions to their concerns.

The East Europe zone is piloted from Cologne in Germany; the CIS from Moscow; Italy from Turin; Spain, Portugal and Latin America from Barcelona and from its delegations in Mexico, Sao Paolo and Buenos Aires; Asia-Pacific from Singapore; North America from Los Angeles; the French head office taking care, for its part, of the coordination of the whole group and direct promotion of the brand and sales drives in the West Europe zone.

Present in more than 80 countries