News 31.03.2011

The Canam team dominates the start of the season!

In the forefront for several seasons now, with in particular Josh Frederick's title in 2010, the Canam/Motoworcs team appears to be well on the way to dominating the ATV category this year.

Motul has been the technical partner of this ambitious and highly structured team for several years. With its five official riders, the team has been working wonders by participating in the two major championships in the USA: the WORCS ATV Series and the AMA ATV MX Championship!

Out of the 5 rounds run (2 in AMA and 3 in Worcs), 4 have been won by Canam! Last weekend, at the Lake Havasu round, Jeremy Warnia and Josh Frederick even did better by pulling off a double win.
In championships too, Canam riders are in the forefront.

Worcs ATV:
1// Jeremy Warnia (Canam - 76 pts) Motul
2// Josh Frederick (Canam - 62 pts) Motul

3// Dustin Wilson (Yamaha- 57 pts)

1// Chad Wienen (Canam - 100 pts) Motul
2// John Natalie (Canam - 88 pts) Motul

3// John Uppermann (Honda - 78 pts)

Photo : Chad Wienen - John Natalie - Team Can-an Motoworcs - Can-am © Team Can-am Motoworcs