News 07.04.2011

Nick Brocha, king of the show!

Supported by Motul since 2010, the second American stunt season event took place last weekend in down-town Scottsdale (Arizona). Called the XDL Championship Series, this championship brings together many high level stunt riders.

Like at a figure skating competition (let's dare the comparison), each rider is given three two-minute slots to attempt a maximum number of figures in an arena without putting his feet to the ground. So they all vye with one another in skill and dexterity, presenting the judges and the public with ever more spectacular, risky and novel acrobatics! At this level, a 'wheeling' necessarily entails standing or sitting on the handlebars of one's motorcycle and a 'stoppy' (braking with the rear wheel in the air) must last a minimum of 50 metres...

In Scottsdale, Nick Brocha, whom Motul also supports technically, pulled off a fine performance by dominating in particular the famous Bill Dixon, double defending champion of the sport and also supported by Motul.

This championship is also special in that it is followed by many American fans who watch the TV series 'Inside XDL' shot at each of the rounds of the championship.

Photo : Nick Brocha 1 - Kawasaki ©