News 01.03.2011

Motul, partner of the Texas Tornado Boot Camp

We are proud to annouce the partnership between Motul and the Colin Edwards Texas Tornado Boot Camp.

About the Texas Tornado Boot Camp:

20 acres containing:

■5000 square foot Saloon/Hotel/Classroom that will sleep up to 30 people comfortably
■lighted 300ft x 150ft covered clay riding arena
■1/8 mile clay oval
■mini supercross track
■world class paint ball course
■RC car track
■obstacle course

This camp is where you will learn the fundamentals that will transfer to any motorcycle...dirt or street. We use Yamaha TTR 110s, 125s and 230s with semi slick rear tires on clay tracks. This alone will help you with balance, body position, where your eyes should be looking, and most important of all - feel. My instructors and I have done exactly this for years and I wouldn’t be where I am today without this experience. For those of you out there saying '110s and 125s and 230s? What can riding a kid’s bike teach me about going faster on my 450F or 1000 Twin?’ Well, I make my living going 200mph on some of the fastest and most exotic bikes known to mankind, and I'm telling you that I honed my skills and built my fundamentals riding small bikes on dirt tracks right here in Texas. Everything we will teach you here at the Texas Tornado Boot Camp will translate directly to whatever bike you are riding today, or plan to throw a leg over in the future! So what are you waitin' for? Pick a date and sign up today...I promise you won't be disappointed!”