News 06.04.2012

Motul, full throttle in Canada!

Motul, full throttle in Canada!

When you're a motorsports enthusiast and live in a country snowbound a large part of the year, what's the solution? Snowmobiling, of course... An easy-going means of transport during the week, snowmobiles become fearsome competition machines at weekends. In Canada, the Great Northern Snocross opens its eight annual rounds to enthusiasts of the discipline who come to fight it out on circuits combining ice and snow, on which acrobatic turns and spectacular jumps follow one another before a crowd of admirers. As it's intensely cold, the spectators are sometimes even entitled to heated seats!

Motul, always on the lookout for strong sensations, supports team Fort Fremont Marine, which rides 600 cc Polaris whose 120 hp have what it takes to propel high into the air 200 kg machines! Even worthy lady representatives took part in the festive occasion, and team Fremont had one among the three participating in the 2012 season: at the end of the championship, Tabitha Bode finished fourth of her Ladies category. As for the men, Cody Patten clinched victory in the Sport Superstock category, and Cody Holewinski took third place.

The last round of the season took place at the Eagle River circuit which, bucking this year's trend of rather less abundant snow than usual, enjoyed heavy snowfall before the race. So the organisers could put in Daytona-style banked corners. To finish beautifully!